Besides water testing, accurate determination of micro-organisms is useful for the quality requirements of:

• Pharmaceuticals • Cosmetics
• Fruit juices • Soft drinks
• Beer • Wines

Microbiological testing is important to be done at various stages during manufacturing as part of a quality control system as shown here (Fig 1).

Chemical testing is carried out with accordance to L.N. 116/04 and L.N. 129/05
For complete information regarding these legal notices refer to the Department of
Health website.

• Aluminium* • Nitrite
• Ammonium • Odour
• Colour Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• Conductivity • Taste
Clostridium perfringens • Colony Count 22°C and 37°C
E.coli or Escherichia coli • Coliform Bacteria
• pH • Turbidity
• Iron* • Nitrate

* Only if used as flocculants for water and waste water treatment.

According to the mentioned regulation, water testing needs to be carried out depending on the volume of water processed:

(Taken from L.N. 116/04)

Water analysis tests for Swimming pools

• Total aerobic counts at 37°C • Free Chlorine
• E.coli • Total Chlorine
• Faecal Streptococci • Cyanuric acid
Pseudomonas aeruginosa • Bromine
Staphylococcus aureus • Nitrites
Legionella • Ammonia
• pH • Total Dissolved Solids
• Turbidity • Nitrate


Our costs are very competitive. However these may fluctuate depending on the
sampling regime.

Turnaround time

The time of analysis is highly dependent on method of analysis. This however should not exceed 10 working days.


Sampling criteria is normally dependent on the test. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact us, in order for us to meet up and discuss the requirements. Sampling services can be provided, at no additional costs, provided that a sampling regime is agreed beforehand.