Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects on the body by means of any form of chemical. These may include any drugs of abuse, alcohol, pesticides, solvents and many other chemicals used in our daily life.

MLSBioDNA, with its state of the art equipment utilising Gas chromatography with Mass Spectrometry is able to identify quantitatively the presence of many of these substances. This is essential for the prevention of solvent poisoning or even the detection of drugs of abuse in the system. Medical doctors, forensic experts, industries, hospitals and even private individuals may require the detection of such chemicals one day or another.

This is carried out by expert chemists and pharmacists who specialise in providing the best solution for the client. This may range from the analysis of routing samples such as urine,
oral fluids and blood to other specialist samples such as hair and nails. With the client’s best interest in mind the staff will endeavor to develop and validate any methodology that may
not exist.

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