19th May 2011
MLSBioDNA in collaboration with WFSO is pleased to inform you that a second
Food Handler's course will be held and MLSBioDNA's premises. Kindly contact us
soon to book a place or for more information.

2nd May 2011
New Website Launched.

28h April 2011
Development of a new test for Salmonella typing
Scientists at MLSBioDNA have been working on a new test for a better and more efficient method for Salmonella typing by DNA technology. Currently Salmonella typing is carried out using the Kaufmann-White Scheme, which is laborious and time consuming. Using the DNA method, Salmonella can be typed within 24hrs, without the need for further delay to the client. Development has been finalized and the validation process is underway! Contact us for
more info!

20th April 2011
Linking genealogy to Y-STRs
Scientists at MLSBioDNA started working on the study of Y-STR and genealogy. After two years of sample collection, the study is at its final stage and statistical analysis is on its way!. Y STR is the study from the paternal side (Y Chromosome) which could be linked to genealogy study. In order to create this link a database of a statistically significant amount must be collected.
Click here to learn more.

20th January 2011
New services
MLSBioDNA has started to offer a wide range of chemical analysis for its clients. All these tests are carried out with accordance of L.N. 116 of 2004 (water for human consumption) and L.N. 129 of 2005 (swimming pools). Several other tests including Legionella testing have been validated and is offered, after the inclusion of the test in our accreditation Scope (This test can only be carried out by an ISO 17025 accredited lab according to L.N. 262 of 2006). Click here to learn more.

1st November 2010
An agreement was established between MLSBioDNA Ltd and WFSO on the 1st Nov 2010 to provide a full HACCP plan including the necessary testing.