Testing of Y-chromosome STRs and mitochondrial DNA are also used to trace back possible origins from paternal and maternal lines, respectively. These are extremely important in forensic testing and relationship testing where full or half siblings are present. In some cases sibling analysis will be required when neither the father or mother are present.

Non-Standard Samples

For paternity and relationship testing a buccal swab is considered to be the standard sample taken and sent to the laboratory. If it is not possible to provide a buccal swab, MLSBioDNA Ltd accepts other types of samples from which DNA can be extracted. The success rate of obtaining DNA from other samples can vary, as this depends on a number of factors starting from the amount of biological material present to the sample storage / transport conditions. Thus, DNA extraction from non-standard samples is performed at an extra cost. Non-standard samples accepted and their success rates to obtain DNA are:

1. Toothbrushes (High)
2. Blood (High)
3. Hair with roots (Medium)
4. Nails (Low)
5. Stamps (Very low)
6. Envelopes (Very low)

Sample Submission

Please contact the laboratory before submitting any samples. We can provide you with a free sample kit. Please send your samples by mail together with the completely filled submission form to the following address at the bottom of this page.