DNA Tests
MLSBioDNA uses state of the art technology coupled with ISO 17025 accreditation, providing the best solution for paternity and relationship testing. Both of these tests
are ISO accredited and the results provided are accepted by the law courts and any government department provided that all necessary documentation is correctly provided during sampling.

Clinical Tests
Several clinical diagnostic testing is carried out using PCR technology. Unlike ELISA or other immunological testing, PCR techniques do not result in inconclusive reports due to the possibility of false positive or false negative results. For peace of mind always insist with your medical representative to use PCR technology.
Animal Tests
With the knowledge of DNA markers in animal species, it has become possible to sex animals and diagnose several diseases by using PCR techniques. Pigeon and Dog profiling is also available allowing pigeon enthusiasts to carefully control their pet’s breeding especially in pure pedigrees.
The determination of bacterial load in water and food substances, has become very important. Legal requirements coupled with strict guidelines require manufacturers
to carefully monitor all food or water products released from their quality system.
Real time PCR technology allows for preliminary results to be issued within 24hrs.
Chemical Analysis
Apart from microbiological requirements, it is important that water and food
substances are tested for chemical analysis. These may range from analytical
criteria to toxicological and or organic chemistry determination. Several legal
notices stipulate these requirements and thus it is recommended that you should contact us for consultation.