DNA is found in every living cell starting from the simplest forms of life such as viruses and bacteria and we can keep going up to the most complex organisms including human beings. In the same way as DNA is used to identify relationship between individuals, we can use DNA to identify different bacterial species and other living organisms.

MLSBioDNA Ltd is performing bacterial identification by PCR and DNA sequencing, from pure bacterial cultures obtained from both clinical and food/environmental specimens.

This method is useful for the identification of Salmonella, Listeria and other organisms that
are difficult to identify using conventional techniques. Results are usually issued within
48 - 72 hours.

For testing, laboratories can send a pure culture of the suspected organism on a nutrient agar plate, broth or slope, in a sealed bag.

MLSBioDNA Ltd can also perform species identification using DNA of other higher organisms including beef, pork, chicken and many others. We are also looking forward to expand our capabilities for the identification of different plant species.

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