The classification of organisms, better known as taxonomy, was previously done mainly by observation of particular features and similarities between organisms that indicate relationship or differentiation. Today all this work could be done by using DNA analysis followed by comparisons of DNA sequences between organisms. Certain genes are highly conserved across different species and small differences in their sequence can be used to classify the particular species and also to relate it to other members of its genus and/or family. This system can be used to classify and identify most higher organisms including plants, mammals and fish. To date, the genomes of a large number of organisms have been sequenced and these projects are revealing a gold mine of information about the development of these animals, their relationships and origins. This information can be beneficial for us since the identified genes and gene functions in most animals are also found in humans and so this information helps to understand better the human body and how it functions.

Apart from taxonomy, DNA barcoding can be used to identify meats and meat products on sale in markets and claimed to be coming from a particular source. Confirmation of source by DNA testing can be of an advantage both for the seller and consumer, for policy-makers and government regulators, agriculture, health and environmental protection.

MLSBioDNA Ltd is able to perform such testing to interested parties and is also ready to join any project in this field especially to build up databases of DNA sequences from animals, plants and other organisms found in Malta and also in the Mediterranean region.

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