MLSBioDNA Ltd is offering DNA paternity testing for pigeons (Columbidae family). This test is useful to confirm paternity of a pigeon, claimed to carry certain traits as those of its parents. The test helps owners to have peace of mind when buying a pigeon claimed to have
certain characteristics.

Test Procedure

The test is done by comparing the tested pigeon to either one or both of its alleged parents.

  1. Three or more plucked chest feathers should be submitted for each pigeon to
    be tested.
  2. The feathers should be submitted to the laboratory in separate properly labelled plastic bags.
  3. Feathers should be submitted immediately and transported at room temperature.

Blood on filter paper can be obtained from toe nail or from under the wing and sent to the laboratory instead of feathers.

Testing is done by PCR of a number of short tandem repeats (STRs) and comparisons are done between the tested pigeon and alleged parents.

Although the test can be done by comparing with only one of the alleged parents, it is recommended to test both parents.

A report is issued showing results obtained and interpretation.